Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fair from Fair

I have known Ken, Val and Cia for well 18 months and in that short time became friends. Now that they are packing up their bags and counting down the days before heading back down to the stormy Cape. I don't know what they see in the Cape? Okay family but the mountain dude will still be there. Well Ken and Val, I am sure going to miss y'all. I have this feeling; call it intuition that I will see the Jacksons again even if I have to ride Sophia down to Cape Town just to see Cia feeding Ken a donut and getting my hug from Val. Now that is an idea, ride Sophia to Cape Town, uhmmm. Anyway I know that a farewell is necessary so that we can meet again be it far or near and to meet again is certain for those who are friends with donuts.

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