Thursday, 2 June 2011

Why didn't I notice that?

The week is coming to an end and it has been a busy one. The SEO project for a plumbing and electrical company that I have been working on has been very successful. They measure the success of their internet exposure not by the amount of impressions but by the calls that they get from their websites. Before Vincent (shown above) and I started on the project they were averaging about 4 calls a day from their websites. Last month we got them to average on 12 calls per day with a peak at 24 on one day. Our goal was 10 calls per day. In the last week we have moved the project into phase two which has a goal of averaging 20 calls per day and by what I have seen this week we should reach it. Not bad for a plumbing and electrical company. What do you say to that Vincent? Oh and before I forget, I did noticed during the busy week that Vincent is trying to cultivate a moustache.

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