Friday, 10 June 2011

Romeo and Juliet

To finish off the week I went with a friend to the Joburg Theatre to watch the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet performed by the South African Ballet Theatre. Here I was ready to listen to soothing music and watch graceful dancing but it was not to be. A man behind us spent the entire show explaining to his child in Afrikaans the whole story that was unfolding before us on the stage. I already knew the story and didn’t want to listen to him droning on, I wanted to relax and watch. A couple in front of us even turned around to shush them but it didn't work for long.

I must say I really enjoyed the ballet in the first and second acts but last act was a little disappointing. It had very little dancing and it reminded me of a black and white horror film without sound but chamber music in the background. And then before I could blink it was over. I would love to say bravo but I felt that it just wasn't the polished piece I was expecting. Maybe my expectations where set too high with me growing up in the Natal Playhouse. But if you haven't seen Romeo and Juliet yet, please go and support South African Ballet. The ticket prices are reasonable and make sure that you don't have a similar family that we had sitting behind you.

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