Monday, 13 June 2011

Dr Ted

Well it was about time that Ted and I got together for a drink after work. Ted came to one of our photowalks six months ago and we've been chatting on and off over the internet and became friends. He has this blog Dr Ted's Divorce Adventure where he blogs about the pain and joys that he has encountered on his journey to recovery. What I have learnt is that you have to be honest and real with your emotions and feelings even though cowboys don’t cry, life hurts! I have turned to God demanding why and not always getting the answers that I wanted to hear. Having someone who has been through it all just stand by you, listen to your pain and not condemn means so much. I must say that I have been blessed by having so many good friends around me. So with that in mind I add Dr Ted to my good friends list. Now tell me whoever gets to drink a pint and eat burgers with his doctor?

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