Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mixed Feelings

How do I feel, well if I had to be truthful, not good. Although yesterday was a good day, ABSA just had to go spoil it. With that I found out today that it doesn't help being truthful and honest with insurance companies because then you not wanted. Towards the end of January this year Carol had a car accident, R60k damage. Then the day after she got the car back from the panel-beaters, a taxi side swiped her, R15k damage. Two weeks ago she went over a brick and damaged the cars suspension, R30k damage. That is three accidents, one after the other now ABSA doesn't want to carry on insuring us. Way to go ABSA, you are sure not going get my business in a hurry again. So I start phoning around for other insurance and it seems that the only way I can only get insurance now is if I lie. This is not good and I don't know what to do. This is why the mixed feelings. Yes I am angry but it won't help.

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