Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Focus Here

As per yesterday's post I want to try bring some more fun into my photographs of work colleagues. Not an easy task when there is so few of them to start with. Anyway here is Ockert sinking his teeth into his work, well pointing out which canines he will be using. It is mid week and those of you are tired of getting all those DA's SMS, spare a thought for those getting the ANC's "Please Call Me". Enjoy tomorrow and remember if you don't vote then you have no right to complain over bad service delivery.


brown sugar said...

Is the chap in this picture pieter ockert duvenhage? I knew him for a blissful year whilst I lived in London, UK.

how is he? how do i get in touch with him? Is he well?

please send him my regards, better yet give him my e-mail address. I would love to reconnect with him.

Thank you and please accept my apologies for intruding your blog and your privacy but I could not help it for each time I watch the movie, The Notebook - i remember our time together with such loving memories.

thank you

Jerome West said...

No sorry, wrong Ockert

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