Saturday, 2 April 2011

Buds and the bioscope

At first light this morning four Viva la Vespa members met for breakfast at Little Falls. We spoke about Vespas, a painting, wipeouts and a future winter ride. The afternoon was just catch up sleep but in the evening I went with my friends Jacqueline and Mark to Main Street Live. First on the agenda Jacqueline and I climbed 7 flights of stairs to the roof of the 12 Decades Art Hotel to take some night shots of the city. Why climb, well the lifts in the building weren't working and I had a very sore knee because I was trying to eat healthily. Afterwards the three of us went to The Bioscope to listen to Liam Lynch talk about his photos and what makes him tick. Liam is an artistic photographic journalist who likes his images to be able to tell a story. Yes he was a bit pompous and arrogant but a lot of his images did tell a story that moved a person.

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