Saturday, 16 April 2011

As Love Fades

Even the skies sob large drops as my mood deepens. I am sure of myself as I am afraid as I am now not in control. If it wasn't for my friends Jacqueline's company yesterday evening, Craig's supportive phone call, Magda's SMS and today's lunch with Nicky, I don't know where I would find comfort. Friends who help me see the wood for the trees. As love fades, you are left where you began, one man, one heart and one soul. Although love has faded, I have glimpsed love; tasted love. I know that it exists. But love is still around me. Yes the love of my son Matthew, my friends and God are still there but would I ever get lost in love again. So as the rain continues fall this photo sums up what's left of my loves in this world Matthew, my dogs, Sophia and photography.

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Petunia said...

Jerome - this post breaks my heart - it is very deep.

I feel your sadness friend and thank God for all the people around you during this time....

God has sent forth His light and truth to guide you. Keep believing!

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