Saturday, 5 March 2011

Under the Shadow

Under the shadow of the Hillbrow Tower is a cosmopolitan society which strides to pull themselves out of poverty. Today the Joburg Photowalkers started at the Lutheran Church Community Centre in Hillbrow and from there we walked onto the Hillbrow streets. My friend Karen (shown above) said on her blog "Whoever said Joburg was just a messed up city never saw this. It was beautiful..." and I agree with her. Take a look at her wonderful blog Story of Bing. Afterwards we headed to Johannesburg’s oldest surviving pub, the Radium Beerhall, for lunch. See my Facebook album, Under the shadow of the tower, to see more photos.


2summers said...

Cool blog! Can't wait to check out more of it.

Jerome West said...

Thanks Heather. Your blog is very good.

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