Thursday, 23 December 2010

What has a snake got to do with it?

Good question, what a snake has got to do with this photo above. Well last night when Matthew and I went to fetch Jade, our new Italian Greyhound puppy. Travelling down this dark country road, I saw the snake too late in the lights of the car and sadly ran over it. I felt the bump as gloom came over Matthew and I. It happened too fast and there was no way to avoid it. About a kilometre further I started to hear a noise from the left rear of the car and started to feel a terrible shudder on the steering wheel. I stopped much later when it was safe to stop, I jumped out and inspected the left rear wheel thinking that it was flat but was relieved that it wasn't. Our destination was only a couple of hundred meters away so we continued but the shuddering and noise got worse. Upon arrival and a clearer inspection under lights I found the right rear wheel flat. My first question was could it have been the snake. Answer? Don't think so but I needed to buy a new tyre this morning. And that my friend is the long and short of it.

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