Friday, 3 December 2010

This little piggie went to MARGATE

Since an article appeared in the Mail&Guardian earlier this year the quest has been on to find the secret tunnels lined with advertising posters from the 50s. Well today the quest has ended with me finally finding the posters. A few months back I took a large group down into the Blue Room as part of the Joburg Photowalkers. While the group was in awe of the Blue Room, a small group went searching for the posters. Ever since I've seeking old photographs of Park Station and been coming down every second week to the Blue Room area. That was until I bumped into N*** who started working at Paul Kruger Building on the 4 December 1968. Paul Kruger Building used to be known as the Kremlin and now called Umjantshi House. On talking to him about the posters, he knew exactly where they were. So today the quest ended. Tomorrow the small group of seekers are going down with lights and do a more decent job than my hand held and torch.

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