Sunday, 12 December 2010

And then there was 36

The Whippet group and the Italian Greyhound group had a meet up at Emmarentia Dam today. At first the Whips out numbered the IGs by 19 to 9 but later the the IGs numbers were bolstered by 8 late arrivals. 19 Whippets and 17 Italian Greyhounds were an awesome sight to see (excuse the pun, a sight hound joke). All the Whips except one stayed on lead while all the IGs except two ran free. I think most of the Whips where show hounds and their owners seldom took them off lead whereas the IGs meet regally in the parks around Joburg. It was awesome to see the IGs running flat out in between the Whips whose owners would stare in dismay and their hounds with envy. Later on four Whips joined the lone Whippet off lead for their first time and it was great to see them stretch their legs. Here is a new friend Ludwig who owns two Whips who dared to go off lead.

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DIANE said...

hi jerome,
my google alert captured your blog today! What fun it must have been - i wish i'd have been there to see. I expect Patch was charging around in ever decreasing circles like a little rhinoceros?
pls let me know when and where ur next meet-up will be and we might bring our guys!
thx Diane

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