Sunday, 15 August 2010

For Janis and a DNA Test

Today's photo is just for my friend Janis stuck in the UK. Last Sunday she asked for a photo of Carlie's face. But no matter how I tried Carlie only had her beautiful blue eyes wide open during the service so I could not get the shot I wanted. This raises the point; both Gary and Angie have brown eyes, so where do the beautiful blue eyes come from. I thought of genetic leap frogging but Gary's mom has green and the rest of the grand parents have brown. Ummmm Gary how about that DNA test as I am starting to suspect baby swopping. Anyway Carlie is the better baby if something like that did happen. Angie, well done on another beautiful baby girl and Gary it is about time to invest in that shotgun as you are the only guy in a family of four ladies. And Janis next time, blue eyes.

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