Monday, 12 April 2010

Back from Maternity

What a disastrous Monday! Started the day feeling slightly flu-ish and when I heading out for the day found that Sophia rear tyre was flat. So off I headed to the local mechanic and I arrived there at 6:15am only to find that he opens at 7am which means I am not feeling well and I am getting a late start. Good news is that the mechanic arrived at 7am sharp; bad news is that he has lost his keys to the workshop and now has to break into his own shop. More delays and a lot of cursing from the mechanics side, so much so I was contemplating changing mechanics but I was already late. I managed to make up time on Sophia who flies like a bat out of hell when I push her. We were only 15 minutes late this morning. Daleen who has been on maternity leave for the last 4 months was back today and even she beat me into the office today. After apologising for been late my body started to steadily go downhill from there so much so that by 10am I could not work anymore and had to head back home to bed. Now that is what I call a bad start to a week.

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