Friday, 12 February 2010

Prelude to what?

I am in a strange place which is caused mostly by the situation I find myself in. Prelude to many things but what? I am home alone and I am wondering what I am doing. Carol has gone to visit Beryl. Matthew is at his very first school dance. Sunday is Valentine's Day but Carol wants nothing. Neotel came round to work today and gave all the ladies roses. That is why Ntaoleng, shown here, is posing with a rose.

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Rotters said...

ok..let me help you here Jerome.
When a lady says, "ah don't bother I don't want anything" this does not mean she doesn't want anything.
What she means is. I don't expect you to do/get anything special, don't want to inconvenience you etc but I promise you she would love it if you did do something.

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