Sunday, 20 December 2009


Attation (or was that supposed to be attention) customers we (that is KFC) are not able to sell Krushers and Milkshake machine out of order. By management. Well there goes our local KFC at Douglasdale. Last week I stopped at a new KFC that had just opened in Randburg on the way home to pick up supper and while waiting for my order I could clearly see the place where the food was prepared. Someone in the drive-thu had ordered a wrap and my stomach turned I watch them make it. A lady who prepared the food took out the tortilla with her bare hands and put it down on the counter then wiped the sweat from her brow with her right hand and proceeded to flatten the tortilla with the same hand. I was mortified. I asked a friend today who works at Yum Foods, the holding company here in Africa about the incident and he said that they don’t wear gloves as they tend not to wash their hands if they do. He said the lady should have been wearing a cap. So attation (attention) all us KFC lovers, make sure your server is wearing a cap.

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