Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hoam sweet hoam

Matthew did his first ever exams today, they were Maths 1 and Natural Science. We told him not to worry about trying to pass but just go in and enjoy himself. While Matthew was sitting doing his exams, I went to PRASA to see Malcolm. I decided to walk to 66 Jorissen Street from Wits Metro Park. Along the way, I walked past this interesting building, the Portland Place. It was not quite as run down as other buildings in Hillbrow for example but it stood out in Jorissen Street. The one shop to the right of the entrance is called Hoamwares and on the other side looks like a Christian shop hence the bibles stored on the second floor. It was the first floor which caught my attention with all the odds and ends that could be seen through the windows. I am sure people are living there and making it their hoam, I mean home.

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