Thursday, 8 October 2009

Connecting the Dots

Our work load at Metrorail is increasing with numerous managers from both PRASA and Metrorail, trying to look good as the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup preparations become a frantic scramble. Don't get me wrong, we will be ready; it is just too few resources for amount of things that need to be in place. Here is the Gautrain's Braamfontein Terminus which I believe won't be ready when the World Cup kicks off unless someone knows more than I do, and then I stand corrected. I think that all the public transport needs to be connected. Park Station and the Gautrain will be connected but I don't see any BRT stations nearby. Metrobus should even have a major stop close by. This would give travellers who step off the Gautrain at Braamfontein a wide range of transport options to anywhere in Johannesburg. Makes sense to me.

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