Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dropped Sophia

As I was heading home because Carol was not doing too well and I felt I needed to be there, a Corsa pick-up in front of the car I was behind suddenly stopped. Both the driver in front of me and I slammed on brakes but I could not stop Sophia in time. Just before I was about to slam into the back of the car I dropped the bike. The worst part of the experience was that the driver of the pick-up did a u-turn, stopped next to me and looked out of his window while I was getting up then he simply just drove off. Didn't even care to help me up and see if nothing was broken. He knew he was in the wrong so he vanished. That made me mad. There is minimal damage to the car that I hit as I had slowed done quite a bit and I am not too concerned about my roasties but poor Sophia. There is a dent on the rear wheel arch where my foot got caught between the bike and the tar. That I am sure can be easily popped out. The side front piece needs some spray painting. As for my limping, I can do with a few war scars.

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