Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I am finished

What a day. I started at one end of Bryanston and ended up in Northcliff. All the primary schools Matthew and I went to were full. I even put Matthew's name on a number of waiting lists for next year. When I arrived at Robin Hills Primary, I was expecting another door closed in my face but after checking their computer they said that they have space for only one in Grade 4 but needed to test Matthew first. Half in tears I said go right ahead. To cut a long story short. Carol is in hospital for some time. Matthew is starting school tomorrow and I am blessed to have a large number of friends standing by to help. I thought I had crossed the line of what I could handle but with the friends I have around me I managed to cope. Thank you to all of you for coming alongside our family in this time of crisis. I can't thank you all by name as you are too many in number but here is Guy cooking some chicken schnitzel for supper.

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