Thursday, 9 July 2009


Tembinkosi’s Memorial Service was held at the old dilapidated Braamfontein Sanatorium. Here was a building that was built for the treatment of chronic diseases but itself had become run down and looking worse for wear. I am assuming that it must have been a sanatorium once upon a time, hence the name and it even looked like it was converted to a theatre sometime in its past with the screen and projector room. It was here at this musty smelling place that we gathered to remember the life of our colleague. There was strange aura in this sick building but we had come to break the bounds of death and to celebrate life, life in the fullest. The service started off depressive but as more people arrived, life started to flow. With feet stomping in rhythm on the ancient wooden floor and African harmony bellowing through the rafters, the life of Tembinkosi was remembered.

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