Friday, 3 July 2009

Poor Sophia

Today is a sad day. I took Sophia into the Vespa dealership for a checkup as the symptoms similar to the ones from a month ago are starting to reoccur. At first they could not find anything wrong but after deeper inspection they found something which they never seen before. The bush in the reduction gearbox was not fitting correctly to this shaft. It was meant to be loose not tight as we found it. They tried a new bush but that too did not fit. Now they are deciding what my options are. Order a new shaft or send it to the engineers. Anyway Sophia is put back together and she is good as new but they say that it is just a matter of time. One good thing about today is that I got to test ride a Vespa GTS300 Super with a sport exhaust. I want one but back to reality. I must learn to accept that some days I am the pigeon and other days I am the statue.

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