Saturday, 20 June 2009

Spain vs South Africa

Matthew, Brian, and I went off to Bloemfontein to watch South Africa play against Spain in the Confederations Cup. We caught the Shosholoza Meyl along with all the other jubilant Bafana Bafana supporters. This was to be a 24 hour male bonding session. The train left at 9:30am and literary bounced all the way to Bloemfontein. Alcohol flowed freely, dancing rocked, flags fluttered, singing harmonised and vuvuzelas wailed all the way. When I said bounced, the train was bouncing to the rhythm of stomping feet. Thankfully the train safely made it to Bloemfontein at 4pm and the kids were eager to get going. We stopped at the KFC for supper before walking to the stadium. This time we had gotten the cheaper tickets but in a way it changed the atmosphere. In the last game we went to in Pretoria, the vuvuzelas caused us to be temporary deaf but this time we were amongst real passionate Bafana supporters. The singing in harmony and flag waving to the beat of the drums and blaring vuvuzelas was beautiful. Matthew and Brian got into the spirit and we tried to get our flag waving in time with the fans. We were looked after by the Bafana supporters on the train and at the stadium. Beer was pushed into my hands by the supporters and they were like mother hens to the kids. Matthew even got a nick name on the train, Harry Potter, because they said that he looks just like the star, with his long blond hair, blue eyes and glasses. A number of fans had their picture taken with Matthew. Thank you to all that made this day memorable to me and the kids.

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