Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mists of Time

This photo was taken at the Cradle of Mankind where Kimberly-Clark launched two new recycled products. Eskom had failed us once again and we had to rely on diesel generators to power up all the technology that we bought into this timeless place. It was in this area that one of the oldest humanoid fossils was found. It is unusual that it rains here in winter and it gave me time to look back into time itself.

Looking past the young thorn tree
I felt my soul tug through the mists of time.
As I closed my eyes
I heard through the noise of the diesel generator
the swish of the past walking through the long African grass.
I looked up and felt the gentle kiss of rain upon my face
and wondered how much we messed things up.
The thorn tree will grow strong and will forgive
Let us not forget

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