Friday, 26 June 2009

At least we tried

We have just come back from the Brazil – South Africa soccer game and it is already after midnight. From the left is Justin, Louise, Lucky and Matthew. Wow South Africa played well with Brazil only managing to score from a penalty right at the end of the game. What South Africa needs is a striker or two. They were good in mid-field and defence but just could not put the ball where it counts. I’ve just heard the news on the radio of unconfirmed reports that Michael Jackson has died from a heart attack. I suppose if it is true it will be in the papers in the morning. Well let me get to bed as I have only four hours until I have to get up for work.


Mariposa said...

yes i heard he passed away too..too shocking.

I'm just shocked USA beat SPAIN!!

Jerome West said...

It was a shocker and it would have been a bigger one if South Africa beat Brazil. Anyway I just picked up four tickets to the final on Sunady. USA vs Brazil. Oh how I wish it was South Africa playing. It is the first time they ever managed to reach a semi-final in any FIFA event.

Mariposa said...

it's a great achievement for SA. Perhaps they will fare even better in future events :)

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